Why are my photos not accepted in the form ? 

The maximum size of an imported photo is 15Mb.

If your photo is too heavy, the form will not accept it. You can easily compress your photo FOR FREE with an online image compressor such as www.youcompress.com.

Import your photo, upload it and it's done!

How do I register my home ?
By filling out the registration form on our website.


How can I protect my property ?
With the help of the draft lease that you can download via the tab "How does it work?"

Can I donate my week (s) to a particular hospital ?

Yes, just specify your choice on the registration form.

Is it possible to donate to the medical staff of elderly care centers ?
We regret it, that is currently not possible.

We first want to see whether the initiative is a success

for healthcare providers in hospitals.

Because of organisational and manpower reasons,

we had to make some choices.

What guarantee do I have that the house will be given

to the designated hospital ?

A bailiff will oversee the distribution of the holiday weeks.

Will my data be used for other purposes ?
No, absolutely not! To this end, a letter will be send to

every person in charge of the hospitals.

Can I mention that I helped the promotion and mention

#YouCareWeCare on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram in an email etc. ?
Of course! We actually recommend that you do this,

because the goal is to make this campaign go viral,

but this time in the positive sense.

Who provides the location description of my property ?
We recommend that you ask the agency you usually work with.

We can contact them if you need to confirm that this is for a good cause

and that you are not earning any money.
Of course, a mutual agreement also works.

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